BUILDING BLOCKS that bring the scriptures to life!
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Simply put... Scripture Stackers are building block sets (compatible with all major brands, by the way) that bring your favorite Scripture Hero's and stories to life! Engage, play and teach your family about their lives, their triumphs and their faith! Our Premier Collection includes assorted Mini-Figures from the Bible, a 140 Piece Nativity Set & a set with Lehi, Sariah, Nephi and his Broken Bow! These exclusive kits have been made possible by a successful KickStarter Campaign... thank you to all who helped us bring these blocks to life!

Mosaic Patterns

The Blocks We Used

Since I didn't feel right about taking all of my children's creations apart, I researched and found some generic blocks to add to our collection that worked great for these mosaics!  For 1x1 pieces with 2 base plates: *ad Brick Building Mosaic Set by SCS- 1000 Small Single Pieces with Baseplate and Instructions - Make your Own Pictures that fit with Lego For an assortment of pieces these had great reviews and I thought they worked great. *ad Building Bricks - Regular Colors - 1,000 Pieces - Compatible with all Major Brands Happy Creating!

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