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MINI-FIGURE Collection   6 Bible Figures

MINI-FIGURE Collection 6 Bible Figures

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Every kid loves the fun surprise of opening a Mini-Figure package! This Collection includes SIX Mini-Figures from the Bible! Each figure comes in its own package with a fun accessory (or two) for creative play. 

★ Moses (with the Burning Bush)
★ Noah (with Cane & Sheep)
★ King Solomon (with his Throne)
★ Goliath (with his Sword & Shield)
★ Baby Moses (with a Cradle & his mother, Jochebed)

★ Joseph (with coins and his multi-colored coat)

This collection is a perfect addition to building block sets you already own + is a great way to enhance lessons, Family Home Evening and Bible Study! 

Our building blocks ARE compatible with other brands!

*Mini-Figures include small pieces. Recommended for ages 5+


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